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About Our HealthCare Visa Franchise

Primewave is a medical health franchise that can help you explore the opportunities in the VISA Franchise and Citizenship programs that allow foreign nationals and ten family members to qualify for Visas such as E2, EB4, EB5 and E1. A Primewave Franchise is an avenue for Immigrants living in the U.S, a pathway to U.S Citizenship. It is also a great option for student immigrants on student visa’s such as H1B, L-1 looking to stay in the U.S, build their careers and ultimately become U.S Citizens. As a Primewave Franchisee you will have access to our resources and support that come with being a part of our franchise family.

Our Franchise is turnkey and streamlined to ensure optimum revenue, that can support employing ten employees, which is a minimum requirement for most Visa Programs. All medical staff are trained to see patients in an efficient manner that produces income.

No Need For Medical Experience

We supply highly qualified medical professionals that are knowledgeable in the business. We also take care of Billing, Insurance, Electronic Medical Records, Marketing, Front office and Back office. Our system allows you to become a successful franchise owner without prior experience in medical or healthcare. You do not need to be a licensed medical health clinician to own a Primewave franchise. We can provide the medical staff needed to fulfil the USCIS U.S immigration citizenship programs. Staff includes (Medical Director, Doctor(s), Nurse(s) & Medical Assistant(s), franchisees also receive ongoing and extensive training on running a medical clinic, regardless of experience.

Unlock Your Future: Permanent Residency Through Healthcare Franchise Investment

Discover a world of unprecedented possibilities in the lucrative medical and health industry. Invest smartly and unlock financial success – all in one unparalleled franchise experience."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum investment required to participate in the Visa Healthcare Investment Franchise?

The minimum investment varies based on the specific franchise opportunity, but our programs are designed to be accessible. Contact our dedicated team for detailed information tailored to your investment preferences.

How does the citizenship process work for investors in the healthcare franchise?

As a healthcare franchise investor, you become eligible for a streamlined citizenship process. We provide comprehensive support to guide you through the application, ensuring a smooth transition to your new global status.

What kind of support can I expect as a franchisee in the healthcare industry?

Our franchisees benefit from extensive support, including training, marketing assistance, and ongoing guidance. We're committed to your success, providing the resources needed to thrive in the dynamic healthcare sector.

Are there specific qualifications or experience required to invest in the healthcare franchise?

While prior experience in healthcare is advantageous, it's not mandatory. We welcome passionate entrepreneurs with a commitment to success. Our onboarding process and training programs are tailored to ensure you have the knowledge and skills needed for success.

How long does it typically take to see returns on investment in the healthcare franchise?

The timeline for returns varies, but our proven business models are designed for efficiency and profitability. Many investors start seeing returns within the first year, and our team works closely with you to optimize performance and accelerate your success in the healthcare industry.

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Primewave was Founded in 2018
Located in the Dignity Hospital / San Martin Medical Arts Pavilion
7464 W. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117

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