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We utilize the latest diagnostic technologies and techniques to accurately identify the underlying causes of your condition.


Our clinic is staffed by a highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team.


We prioritize the needs and well-being of our patients above all else.

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Greetings and warmest welcome to Primewave Health in the heart of Las Vegas. We are leading integrative medicine clinic in Las Vegas. We stand by your side with a team of compassionate wellness experts in Las Vegas, ready to craft personalized treatment journeys that lead you back to a life filled with joy, movement, and improved wellness.


What Our Patients Are Saying

I went to Peak Health the day before a modeling gig for a mini facial and IV Drip and I felt AMAZING during the entire photoshoot the day after. The clinic and nurses were welcoming and laid-back and I will definitely be back to do it again. Loved my experience.

Diana Sosa

Friendly staff . Clear consultation of my issue. They help relieve my muscle pain on my neck and shoulders. Definitely recommend to come back.

Ismael Chino-Nava

This place is great! Clean and beautiful . No long waits ever! The staff is so cool and the care you get is amazing. They truly want to help people here.

Justin Minton
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